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Dear Community

Due to some misinformation and miscommunication within the Leadership team, the date for release was not internally confirmed before it was announced on YouTube. This means that the development team, who despite this have been working hard to try to meet this deadline, have been set a deadline by which everything needed cannot be met and tested.

We want to be sure that we can offer the best experience possible upon release. However, we do not believe this will be possible by the set date of the 22nd September.

Therefore we have made the decision to postpone the release date. We do not believe that this date will be too far after the 22nd September, so you will not be waiting long. We understand that there may be some disappointment from this decision, however, we feel it is the best decision for the network.

It isn’t all rain and storm however, as we will instead be having a public beta test on the 22nd September, more information on this will be announced in the next few days.

Thank you for your patience,
The Minevibe Team.
Hi everyone!
I would like to give our wonderful community a little update as to what is currently going on server operations wise. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go too in-depth and fill this with paragraphs and paragraphs of information.

I will say currently we are aligning things for launch, games, backend, infrastructure, etc. A lot of people fail to release that a network is much, much more than making a few plugins. There is a lot more in the backend and behind the scenes! Don’t worry, many people don’t think of that when waiting for an awesome server like Minevibe.

We are planning to release soon. I know, I know. Many of you are tired of hearing “soon”, however if we have a release date in mind, which we may or may not, and we announce it, it gives us very little wiggle room. In contrast, if we have a release date in our minds, then that’s a goal we can work towards and see how work is going. As it’s hard to pinpoint an exact date as of now. We aren’t going to make you wait a whole month though, don’t worry. ;)

In the mean time, we do have applications open but make sure you have a Premium rank purchased prior to applying! We do recommend checking out the store. The reason for this is, yes, it may be hard to see or visualize what you’re purchasing without the server, and we understand that! I’m sure myself or other Owners or even our main twitter will post spoilers for items, gizmos, and more! We promised you all an amazing experience and you’re going to get one. We do highly encourage you to purchase a rank or a beta exclusive item, as there is some really neat items. I have also added even more neat perks to the store, so check them out!

Enough about all that though! Let’s all keep the hype training on track and keep posting on the forums, inviting friends, etc! We’re still very much alive. More spoilers and updates soon. :)
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Hi everyone!

This FRIDAY we our having our first ever Admin/Leadership Q&A (Question & Answer)! I'm going to give you some information, links, and the times for this special event so you all can have the best experience possible.

What is an Admin Q&A? Well, this is an event that we will try to do once a month or every two months here at Minevibe. We may eventually have a mix of an Admin Q&A / Community Meeting. This allows us an administration team to interact and listen to our community. As most of you haven't met our admin team yet, we find it best to start off with an introductory event! Most of our admins will be present in the TeamSpeak channel and answer appropriate all the questions that you can submit!

How can I attend this awesome event? You can attend by being available at one of these times:
  • 2:00 PM CST (Central Standard Timezone)
  • 8:00 PM BST (British Standard Timezone)
  • 12:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Timezone)
  • 5:00 AM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Timezone)
then connect to our TeamSpeak:

The event will be LIVESTREAMED on our YouTube channel!

You will see a channel called "Admin Q&A - 8/3/18" and that's the channel you'll want to join! The channel will be open for users to join approximately fifteen minutes before the event is scheduled to start.

How do I submit questions?? Go to this link:
Put your name, OR you can put anonymous then select who you'd like the question to be for! You can choose a specific person or select "Everyone" to ask the question to everyone.

We hope to see you all there this Friday at one of those times above!

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon/ht,
the Minevibe Team
Hi there!

This post contains all the information you're going to want to know if you're interested in purchasing a premium rank, playing our games, or just hopping on to check the server out!

We'll start out with our amazing main lobby map! This was made by our fantastic server build team led by @wpc. It features a polished Greek/Roman build style which contains plenty of space for our games at launch and to hang out with your friends or cosmetic pets!

Now, as I am sure a lot of you are interested in this, we have 3 game modes that we will be releasing with. These game modes are SkyWars, Colony Wars and Kingdoms. SkyWars and Colony Wars will be kit based featuring our progression based Minevibe kit system that you can purchase and upgrade with tickets.

What are tickets?
Tickets' is our version of a custom currency within the entire network. Some ways that Tickets can be earned is by killing players, winning, and participating in games. You'll also be able to purchase ticket bombs or gain extra by being in a game with staff member or premium ranked player.

With our version of SkyWars, we will be starting out with an 8 player Solo mode. 2-3 chests per island will be present for players to loot, each containing various gear such as weapons, enchantment books, tools and armor. One extra feature will be our "Mega Chest" in the middle of every map which will contain 1-2 rare or "spoofy" items such as a knock-back cookie, rocket boots, or even sparklers! This is a classic minigame which will provide an element familiarity to our new players.





Bed Wars
Bed Wars is...
Welcome to the Minevibe Official forums! We welcome you all to join us on an epic adventure.

Minevibe is a combination of a fun and competitive experience. We are a minigames network at heart, but will also feed the audience with a twist from the classic and well-known, Factions game mode. Our game will be called Kingdoms. There will be many other fun game modes for the future, but for now we are keeping it to Skywars, Bed Wars, as well as Kingdoms.

These game modes will be the core of our network and we hope to create an enjoyable experience for all and continue to give you the best content possible.

Our forums are now open and we encourage you all to make friends, start discussions, and express your hype! We promise we won't let you down.

Our server is something you haven't seen before! We take twists off the game modes you LOVE and make them into something better. We are... something different. We are the server you want to be at right now. From a wide range of content creators on-board to some of the most talented people leading this project, we promise you an experience like no other.

Our Leadership team, the core of our network, consists of six members at the moment:
@Justenn, @Kyle, @Nathan, @TheOriginalAce, @Wolfii, & @Nyaruko.

Each of these people have different tasks and responsibilities within our network. Their titles can be find on their profiles. They each lead teams and handle general admin oversight.
Our administration team will handle the overall well-being of the network, from areas such as Community Management, Staff Management, Graphics & Design, Development, and more!

Lastly, our Twitter.
Go give our Twitter a nice follow!

We have recently posted our Hype Tweet consisting of a short video to introduce you to our network. Also, if you'd like, give it a quick retweet!

I hope...​
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